Celebrities who wear hair toppers

Celebrities who wear hair toppers

The hair pieces and hair accessories are a popular way today to add a bit of drama to the hairstyle. It is not unknown that in the past, musicians and movie stars were wearing different kinds of hair pieces so that they can become the person that they are portraying on the stage. With the change in fashion, trends, and needs, hair pieces have become an inevitable part of the show biz industry. Celebrities today, as one of the biggest trendsetters, are constantly experimenting with their look and appearance. This is greatly visible through their hairstyles.

People, especially women, often make the mistake of desiring a type of hair as a certain celebrity. However, it is safe to say that their hair is not theirs. With their glam team on standby, the celebrities can change their hairstyle from day to day. And this can be even for running errands, not to mention for an event, filming, or a tour. Many celebrities have shared the secret to the way their hair looks, and it is the hair toppers.

As a hair piece, a hair topper is a quick, easy, practical, and convenient solution for all those who need to do a quick and noticeable change in the way their hair looks. As for celebrities, who are always trying to look different and extraordinary, hair toppers are a popular choice. And above all, they are not afraid to share their real look of the hair and the toppers that make them deliver a different look.

If you are wondering which celebrities have been wearing hair toppers, here is a list of some of the most popular names.

Jennifer Lopez

When starting the list of the celebrities that wear a hairpiece, it is inevitable to mention Jennifer Lopes. Many make the mistake and thinking that her blond hair color is natural. The hone-colored highlights have quickly become her statement and signature look. However, that is not her real hair. On a recent vacation in Paris, she wore her hair in a top bun, and it was evident that her hair color is darker than blonde. But, for public appearances and shows, she is not shy to show that she wears hair toppers that add volume, length, and different colors to her hair.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is the queen of transformations. As a TV personality, she is not afraid to experiment with hair looks and colors. Many times on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has shown all the hair transformations she undergoes. Her natural hair is thin and almost lifeless because of the excessive hair styling. To achieve a seductive hair look, she uses hair topper extensions in different colors.

Gwen Stefani

For a long time, Gwen Stefani did not show the true length and color of her hair. Since the beginning of her career, her signature look was her golden platinum hair. She has also tested different colors like pink and blue. However, the secret was in the hair toppers that would deliver different styles.


Through her presence on the music scene, Beyonce has delivered and shown many different hairstyles. Her statement look is the long, seductive and wavy hair. But, is her hair really like that? Probably not. Like the other celebrities, she also wears hair toppers and hair extensions.

Keira Knightley

Back in 2016, Keira Knightley revealed that she has suffered a major hair loss. That came from dying her hair for different roles. To prevent the further loss of hair and still delivered the desired looks, she started wearing hair toppers and wigs. On several occasions, she has mentioned that it was the right choice to do and that it helps her natural hair restore and grow healthier and stronger.


Zendaya is a person that regularly experiments and tries out new and different hairstyles and colors. Whether it is for a movie role or a red carpet look, she can easily go from a short blonde pixie to long red seductive hair. And the secret to all their looks are not growing out hair, but the use of different hair toppers and pieces that deliver extraordinary looks.

Katy Perry

If you thought that Katy Perry is spending hours at the hairstylist trying out new hair colors, you are wrong. The color choices are the result of various wigs and hair toppers. Thanks to that, she can easily play with her hair and look as she pleases.

Lady Gaga

Dramatic and always prone to changes and new looks, Lady Gaga is just one of the celebrities that are also experimenting a lot with her hair looks and styles. She is not even shy to share that many of her looks are based on the use of hair toppers and wigs.

Chrissy Teigen

The former model has shared her hair issues on social media lots of times. The hair loss has prevented her from growing out the hair she desires. So, to always look good whenever having an appearance or filming for her cooking show, Chrissy Teigen has asked for hair toppers and extensions. The hair topper is a great addition to cover the particular hairloss area and add volume to a certain part of the hair.

These are just some of the huge number of celebrities that have decided to use a hair topper and not play with their own natural hair. Uniwigs, as a brand and company that specializes in providing the most varied and high-quality hair pieces, offers an abundance of hair toppers. Whether you need to quickly change your look, add volume, or make a noticeable hair difference, the offer of hair toppers is pretty unique and wide. There is everything for everyone’s taste. So, be sure to check out the Uniwigs Hair toppers selection.

Be like the celebrities – use hair toppers and achieve the look you desire.

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