What is the cost of a hair patch?

What is the cost of a hair patch?

Due to the constant improvement in the quality production of hair patches, the demand and demand for owning a hair replacement system has reached an all-time high. As you reach new clients in the market, most have no idea how much it will cost annually to buy, implement and maintain a hair patch. Not all hair is made equal to most standard human hair pieces at an average of $1,000. Most clients will want to know why men’s hair systems are expensive when artificial men’s hairpieces can cost up to $150.

As a maker of hair replacement systems, we know this information’s important for you and your clients in determining the true value of our advanced hair patch and your clients. Why should there be confidence in investing in sports? Haircuts can be expensive.

Synthetic Hair

In comparison to human hair extensions, synthetic hair is far more affordable. The hair is made from several polymers that simulate human hair. It implies the company may produce multiple hairpieces. Unfortunately, the inexpensive pricing of synthetic hair reflects its quality. Synthetic hair will not give the client the smooth, natural look they need; the hair is more prone to dryness and breakage. They can’t be fashioned in various styles and are frequently sent pre-styled. Because of the plastic material, heat styling is not an option, and prolonged exposure to the sun might lead to damage.

Human Hair

As a hair replacement system producer, we make superior human hair wigs. The quality of the human hair pieces affects up to half the cost of the hair replacement system. It is necessary to thoroughly clean and sanitizes donated human hair after it has been obtained from the donors. The human hair is carefully organized to guarantee that the ends and the roots all lie in the same direction. When properly cared for, human hair wigs may survive for many years. 

Stock Hair System For Men

Those men’s hairpieces are ready to be shipped to wholesalers, distributors, and salon owners. The stock pieces follow a standard design for the base, materials, colors, densities, lengths, and styles they’re made out to be. 

Custom Hair System

With over 10 years of experience producing hair replacement systems, Bono Hair is one of the major hair replacement system manufacturers in China, with 50 plus technicians and 500 plus ventilators ready to make a wide range of up to 7,000 bespoke human hair men’s hairpieces every month. Various factors will be included in the pricing, depending on each client’s specific requirements.


Machines are used to build them. A row of evenly spaced hair fibers on the base material is sewn in place. Because you can create machine-made wigs more quickly and at a lower cost, they’re more popular. Hair only moves in one direction, so styling styles are limited to parting the hair.


This extremely intricate process requires skilled technicians and skilled ventilators to make high-quality human hairpieces. Construction of a wig can take 30-150 hours since each hair strand is manually hand-knotted into the base material. These hairpieces may be parted in any number of ways because of the way they’re tied: seamless and natural-looking. The lack of weft provides the hair replacement system with a lovely luxuriant appearance. This procedure makes the men’s hair system cost higher than wefted wigs.

Base Design and Size

How much baldness needs to be covered will vary. The client has no control over this and can only be determined after consultation. Additionally, if the wearer’s hair continues to be thin or bald, this could change over time.

We produce stock hair systems at an 810′′ standard base size. The pricing of custom stock items can vary depending on their size. Our smaller sized 8*10, 6*8, 6*9, 7*9, and 7*10 will cost less than our larger ones.

Primary Component

We cannot overstate how important the base material is in hair patch choosing and the total cost. It is the cornerstone of the nonsurgical hair replacement system and comes in different materials depending on the client’s particular demands. The construction method of the base will affect the pricing if additional work is accounted for in its creation.

Lace Frontal Wigs

Lace has a natural aspect since it is made from a tightly woven mesh fabric. Its wearers love how light and comfortable it is and how little they can tell it’s there. Lace’s base material is more expensive than most other options available on the cost. And the sophisticated creating procedure makes the lace hair system cost more expensive than all the base materials.

Mono Hair System

Polyester or nylon gauze-like mesh is used to create this item. It enables very heavy densities and gives superb coverage for people who desire extra thickness to the hair system. It features microscopic holes that may take up additional heavy density. In contrast to most common base materials, it is less expensive.

Hair and Skin System

Made from a thin, translucent polyurethane material that illuminates the hair is growing from the scalp. As a hair replacement system manufacturer, we provide:

  • Invisible ultra-thin skin hair systems (0.03mm)
  • Super skin hair replacement systems (0.06mm)
  • Skin hair patch (0.08mm) (0.08mm)

The skin material’s ultra-thinness makes it more transparent, lighter, and more comfortable to wear on the scalp. There are no knots in this hair since it is injected into a thin material to give the smooth hair that it is growing from the scalp. Injected hair provides the hair a natural bounce and natural lift, and the hair may move in any direction.


The number of hair fibers linked to the base material will affect the cost of the men’s hairpiece. The thicker the density, the more costly the wig will be.


Length is a matter of personal taste, as longer hair requires more work. Additionally, the longer the hair, the higher the men’s hair system cost.

Before Application Cost

Before having a hair patch installed, make sure your consumers are informed of the associated cost of the men’s hair system. Whether stock hair system or bespoke hair system, the wig needs a little tweaking to exactly fit on the client’s head. Preparation to attach the hairpiece is crucial for the health of the client’s hair and the hair system itself. You may change the hair replacement system color to match the client’s hair. The wig is trimmed and fashioned to the wearer’s specifications to create the ideal hair patch.

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