How long does a hair patch last?

How long does a hair patch last?

Hair thinning and loss are one of the most common problems these days and even people in their early 30s are facing such issues. In the initial stages of hair loss, the damage can be limited or restored by vitamins, hair shampoos, and sprays but in worse cases, there are bald patches in the head that can’t be compensated via any dietary and applicator treatment. This condition is also termed Alopecia.

Two of the most popular methods to resolve the baldness or bald patches issue are hair transplant, which is a surgical procedure and costs a fortune, and a temporary, less expensive, and quick-fix method of hair patches and wigs.

Hair patches are hair strands or wigs made to look similar to your hair color and texture and pasted on your scalp so that your hairs look fuller and healthy with a real look. These hair patches are a temporary fix and generally last from 6 weeks to 1.5 years depending on the type of patch you are using and the quality of the hair.

Benefits of using a hair patch

Hair patches are trending everywhere and with an increase in social media appearances and people conscious about their looks, they want a quick and effective method to cover their baldness. Hair transplants do take a year or half to show results and most people can’t be patient enough.  

Some of the pros that hair patches have over other hair treatments are:

· Convenient

Hair patches require no long time waiting and procedure and your hair care provider will simply stick it with glue or skin-friendly adhesive on bald patches on your scalp and you are good to go. This is convenient and easy for all and there won’t be much aftercare needed or test done as it may in case surgical hair transplants

· Easy to style

These hair patches stick strongly to your scalp and are it heat styling or a fancy bun you can do all of it without fear of falling or getting damaged. You can treat these patches like your normal hair and clip it or curl it whatever you like it won’t budge.

· Fast results

With too much social interaction these days’ people need a quick fix to their look and appearance rather than waiting for months for surgery or medicines to show effects. With a hair patch, you get your scalp covered in no time and show off a glam look at the party without any wait.

· Requires less maintenance

Hair patches are generally made from synthetic hair or sometimes with real hairs mixed with synthetic fibers. These patches are durable and won’t require any special care or products to maintain. Just look out for very harsh shampoos or products that may fade the color or too tight styling that will pull out the glue. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have to care much or maintain these wigs and hair patches.

· Fit for all

Like in surgery, the right donor, match, and health conditions along with age matter, and not everyone can go for a hair transplant unless passed by doctors. But in the case of hair patches, anyone at any stage of hair loss can get these hair fixers. They won’t damage your scalp and even if you are undergoing any hair treatment you can still use these patches without any side effects.

· No pain or medical procedure

The best part about this temporary fix is that it is completely pain-free and you don’t need to bear through any invasive surgery or procedure to get your bald patches covered.

Factors deciding how long does a hair patch last

The lifespan of your hair patch depends on some major factors that are:

· Patch material

Biggest factor in deciding hair patch longevity is the material of construction, usually, patches are made from synthetic fiber which can go for like 1 to 1.5 years.While if you opt for natural-looking human hair or a combination of human and synthetic then the durability is less and can last for 2 or 3 months only.

· Color

 Color of the hair patch also plays an important part as darker and straight hairs can last longer with less maintenance while patches with lighter color shades and curly or wavy looks will wear off quickly.

· Quality of hairs

Another important factor in deciding the durability of your hair patch is the quality of hair used in manufacturing. High-quality material and construction will last longer while sub-standard patches will look rough and old within weeks.

· Maintenance

Lastly, it all depends on the user, how they treat their hair patches that will decide how long a hair patch will last. As if taken proper care and styled and washed in the right way a hair patch will go for months while too much styling or chemical sprays will ruin the patch in a week or two.

Best hair patches to buy

If you are looking for a hair patch to apply to your hair that is great in quality and feel, have a look at some of these amazing products:


This is a light volume hair topper made from real human hairs to apply on the front or top scalp for thinning hairs in the front. These hairs are very smooth in feel and you can easily part them in any direction and are safe for heat styling. With this 3×5 inch patch, you can hide your hair thinning patch in front or top easily with a natural look.

It is also available in 3 hair shades and you can opt for two different lengths i.e. 12 inches and 14 inches. The quality and color of the product are remarkable and are great for people who are looking for a completely original hair patch.


If you are looking for a fuller hair patch to top your thinning hair and give a healthy, bouncy look then this hair wig by Sheila is your right option. Manufactured from Remy human hairs this hair fixer patch has silky and shiny touch, with non-tangling fibers that can be styled in every direction without any hassle.

The wig or patch is 5 to 6 inches wide and 12 to 14 inches in length and you can alter it easily to fit your required size. The insertion of hairs on the base is done similar to real hair growth so that the look is more real and fuller.  The wig is very durable and long-lasting and you can heat-style it without any worries.


So if you are super worried about your big forehead and depleting front hairline then a quick and stylish fixer for your look is these clip-in bangs. That will not only give you a great outlook but will hide your wide forehead that is causing you to look bald from the front.

You can style these bands easily with a curler or straightener and they blend in with your real hair like it’s their part. It is very convenient to apply and gives a fuller and voluminous look to your hair.

Final notes!

Proper diet and less exposure to harmful electronic rays and screen time may save you from getting bald early. Pay attention to your hair before it’s late and the loss can’t be compensated. You can create beautiful looks with hair patches and fight the social anxiety you have due to your thin hair and bald-looking scalp. Hair patches are a pain-free solution and you can also use these patches and wigs to add extra bounce and volume to your hairs.

Try out some of the above-mentioned products to have a great hair day with the right shade and hair texture that blends in with your hair like it’s real.

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