Synthetic vs. Human Hair Toppers – Which is the Winner?

Synthetic vs. Human Hair Toppers – Which is the Winner?

New to the wigs world? Deciding between synthetic and human hair toppers is a sixty-four thousand dollar question for all newbies. One offers versatility and is light on the pocket, while the other gives you the ultimate natural feel, but maybe a little overpriced. Also, more factors contribute to the benefits and limitations of both kinds of wigs.

So which of the two is the winner?

The below blog discusses everything you need to know about the synthetic vs. human hair toppers to help you decide between them. Moreover, we have listed some of the best synthetic and human hair wigs products for you.

Stay tuned – stay crowned!

Synthetic Hair Topper

As the name suggests, synthetic hair wigs are made from synthetic fibers. These fibers offer both ups and downs.


  • Cost-Effective – One of the most significant advantages synthetic fibers give you over human hair wigs is their cost. Synthetic toppers won’t break your bank.  
  • Hassle-Free Care – this is yet another upside of having a synthetic hair wig. Since synthetic fibers have style memory, it’s easy to style them. Just wash and dry them, and they’ll retain their shape.
  • Unlimited Colors – you can enjoy a whole shebang of colors with synthetic wigs. While with human hair wigs, we all know how restricted we can get.
  • Natural-Feel – though not as natural as human hair toppers, synthetic wigs can still give you a natural feel, especially if you invest in high-quality fibers.


  • Unreal Shine – affordable is good, but too much below the average cost can’t hide showing off. Cheap synthetic wigs can have a fake shine that can break your look.
  • Less Versatility – bored of the same everyday look? Synthetic fibers won’t help you much unless they are specifically labeled “heat-friendly”. Styling your synthetic toppers with heating tools will destroy their fibers.
  • Not Dye-Friendly – thinking of changing the color of your synthetic hair wig? Unfortunately, you can’t. The wigs can’t be dyed because the fibers don’t allow the color to adhere to them.
  • Less Durable – you may need to change your synthetic topper every 4 to 6 months with daily wear. The wigs are not as long-lasting as human hair wigs.

Human Hair Toppers

Just like synthetic wigs, human hair wigs have their boons and flaws. Here’s a sneak peek into them.


  • Natural-Feel – wigs can feel a little unnatural, to be honest. And if you are a little too picky about being caught up with a wig, place your bets on a human hair wig because of its 100% natural look.
  • Durable – unlike synthetic fibers, human hair wigs are strong enough to last you a year or maybe more with daily wear.
  • Versatile – human hair toppers won’t let you get bored. They offer unlimited styling options. Style them with heating tools, or change their color with a hair dye; you are rocking the floor.
  • Match Your Natural Hair – looking for something to closely match your natural hair texture? You can effectively find one in human hair wigs. Since these wigs are made with 100% human hair, it’s easy to match your texture.


  • High-Priced – harvested human hair is not an easy find. Therefore, human hair wigs are always on the expensive side of the scale.
  • A Little Extra Care – just like human hair, human hair wigs need extra care too. You need to shampoo and condition them exactly as you would do to your hair. Furthermore, human hair wigs react to the weather and get dry and frizzy.
  • Color Limitation – natural colors are limited, and so are the color options in a human hair wig. Moreover, human hair strands react with sun rays over time, and as a result, their color fades due to oxidation. It’s optimum to keep your head covered with a scarf or a hat when out.
  • Weight – compare a synthetic wig with a human hair wig of the same length and density, and the human hair wigs will weigh higher. Therefore, they feel a little heavy on the head.

Synthetic vs. Human Hair Topper – Which is the Winner?

Ask yourself a few questions like your budget, the style you need, or for how long you will need to wear the wig, depending on whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent.

Make a bullet list of all the things you need and rule out the minuses. Compare the list, and the one that gets maximum votes from the questions is a clear winner!

Our Favorite Synthetic Toppers


Human hair resemblance – check; transparent lace front – check; mono top – check and more checks on the way. Hope is a perfect synthetic hair topper for everyday use, allowing you to part your hair in all directions.


More of a beachy waves fan? Here comes the wavy version of Hope, perfect for giving full coverage and ample volume to make your day!

Our Favorite Human Hair Toppers


Are you a curly-haired cutie? Or do you just need a break from your straight hair look without the heating tools? Claire Curly Mono Top is for you.


You can’t go wrong with layers. Blake provides maximum coverage for those suffering from advanced stages of hair loss.

Final Word

Synthetic vs. human hair toppers can be a pretty tough debate, with both offering pros and cons equally. However, listing your needs can help you pick the right one for yourself. Either way, you can’t go wrong. High-quality wigs from help you rock every look you wear and every floor you keep your step on.

They have a vast collection of both human hair toppers and synthetic toppers to help you pick the right one that compliments your personality. Check out their ultimate deals and save yourself some extra cash with their loyalty points.

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