Hera-the most popular toupee for women

Hera-the most popular toupee for women

Intense hair fall is no more an issue now. UniWig has designed this cute yet elegant hair topper for women to deal with all the hair fall dilemmas and look gorgeous even with your empty scalp because Hera will give you an ultimate natural feel that is extra comfortable and stylish in every way. Perfectly brown-toned and slightly wavy textured hair is all that you need to carry perfectly styled up and fresh hair that is everyone’s wish. Hera Remy human hair has a gorgeous volume and huge coverage that fills up almost every empty spot of the scalp very neatly without giving a fake gesture.

Hera |Mono top Remy Human Hair Topper Lace Front Wig

UniWig has designed some extravagant stylish wigs with outrageous quality and unbelievable comfortability that would surely make you wear it whenever and wherever you want.

Pull off this classic look of sober and flawless hairstyle with Hera Remy human hair topper lace front wig that has face-framing frontal curtain bangs to enhance your face cuts and features with an expertly cut style that naturally adds body and volume to your original hair. Just take a big round brush and brush it from top to bottom to build the volume and flip the ends out to prominence its look that is slightly messy but totally elegant. Not only unusual and ravishing but Hera is also constructed with an extremely fine quality fiber and monofilament top creates the illusion of fine and natural hair growing right onto your scalp on the parted hairline. It can easily be parted from anywhere you want, to carry a unique style whenever you wear it. Its wafted back offers large base to give a nice perfect fit on your scalp and adds a good volume to the hair.

Treat it just like your own hair! Wash it, dry it and style it in every possible way because Hera is made up of the finest quality purely heat resistant fiber that can be easily styled in any of your favorite hairstyles by using heat styling tools. Whether keep it slightly wavy and bouncy or make it dead straight for a sleek and fine look, make some loose curls or try out new trendy kinky curls to add a drastic volume in it – Hera is all yours to style it in any of the desired styles that you have always wished for without having any fuss of hair damage.

Hera has a pearly gloss that lends an air of pure sophistication to long brown toned hair. Just freely flaunt the fullness of this long bouncy smooth mane that has a luscious texture with a center parting that makes your hair look much more volumize.

It has a 10*10 extra-large base to easily cover every part of your scalp and refrain yourself from the empty-headed embarrassment. Feel utmost confidence by wearing this extreme piece of art, beautifully designed Remy human hair wig named Hera. Try out something new every day, give it a look of beachy waves that can add a free-spirited finish in it, go for pretty coils with a large curling iron, or just pin them straight tucked behind your ears for a clean and soft look. Play with its versatility and discover many amazing aspects of its goodness.

Hera is a lace front wig that gives a distinctive feel of naturally grown hair on your frontal hairline. Tiny hairs delicately sewed on the lace front to create and dyed in a natural gradient shade to create an illusion of small newly grown hair the body could judge the existence of an artificial wig on your scalp. It is available in 7 beautiful shades to make it an easy match for you to go with your original hair and 3 length options are available to have your desired lengthen hair with 130% denser hair.

So what are you waiting for? Go and order this hot selling lace front hair topper Hera in your most matched hair color and desired length to get that dreamy volume and flawless color of hair that could change your entire look. Don’t forget to thank UniWig when you amazingly slay it in the upcoming dance party or when your date night goes perfectly with this ultimately desired look.

Best Wiggets and toppers

1.Claire | Mono top Remy human hair topper | Lace

The most natural-looking hair topper of all time would you an extremely realistic feel of natural and fine quality hair. Claire is available in 17 most beautiful shades and 3 different lengths that would diversify your look with its pretty off-the-face styling bangs to give you an incredibly complete face-framing. Claire has a remarkable feature to seamlessly blend in with your natural hair with box styling.

2.Grania | Full skin human hair topper

Give a flaunting volumize look of beautiful all straight lustrous hair with Grania full skin human hair topper. It has a multi-directional styling feature with an ultimate realistic look. It is the lightest in weight hair topper specially designed for those who have hair thinning at the top.

3.Aura | Middle part Remy human hair topper

Aura is surely a turn-on for volumize hair lovers who want to enjoy a look of a full head of hair that is adorable yet stylish. Aura features a skin middle part with a fabric back made up of 100% human hair. It is an extremely lightweight and low-density hair topper that could instantly revive your look with its amazing feel and soft texture.

4.Emily | Full hand-tied mono Remy human hair

To interpret a supremely natural look with full head coverage and a gorgeous add-up in volume especially for those who face progressive hair fall, we have designed this unique masterpiece named Emily. It has a 5″*6″ soft monofilament base designed to give you that flaunting glamour you have always dreamed of.


Having alluring long shiny hair is no more a dream now. Achieve your goals of good hair day with this beautifully adorable hair topper named Hera that is delicately designed to meet all your.

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