Women all over the world are looking for ways to add up the volume to their hair, some maybe because they are facing thinning hair problems and some they just love bulky hair and with the advanced technology there are so many ways to achieve that, hair toppers is one of the ways by which ladies can add volume to their hair. If you’re looking to add some extra volume to cover up certain regions of your hair, then a hair topper can be the perfect solution to give you a good transformation look. With lots of options available there are so many toppers available and picking the right one can be hard but picking the right topper is not the only problem to be worried about because you need to make it look natural and blend with your hair because if it doesn’t, it is going to look like a lump of attached hair on your head.

Before buying a hair topper:

Before making a final choice on the kind of topper you are going to purchase you should have a look at the following critical points;

1.synthetic or human hair topper:

With fiber toppers, you have the choice to pick a hair enhancer that is now marvelously styled. Regardless of whether you have extravagant twists, waves, or a smooth straight look, with a synthetic hair topper anything is possible for you. You don’t need to stress over the weather destroying your hairpiece either, as it will hold its style whatever the condition.

It’s implied that human hair toppers accompany the professionals as a whole and cons that your hair would have. These toppers respond to any weather condition and require somewhat more upkeep with washing and styling. Notwithstanding, utilizing human hair implies that they offer an extraordinarily regular completion. Proprietors of a human hair topper should be cautious styling, however, as overexposure to hotness can harm the topper very much like it would your hair. Human hair toppers will generally be more costly than a fiber hairpiece, however, it is certainly worth the venture in the event that it is the right one for you.

2.The length of the hair topper with your hair:

Regardless of whether you decide on a comparable style and length to your regular hair or settle on an extreme hair dream, there are various lengths of hair toppers accessible for you to browse. The length of the topper that you are searching for is significant in figuring out which one is ideal for you. You can pick short and cheeky hair toppers, mid-length hair toppers, and long and delicious toppers.

3.The extent of hair loss you have:

The kind of baldness that you are encountering is an enormous element to consider in your excursion to track down the ideal hair topper for you.

Assuming that you have flimsy or fine hair or are encountering the principal phases of going bald at the crown and separating region, ladies’ top pieces will conceal this well. This magnificent arrangement mixes into your hair to make an easily regular look.

Assuming that you are encountering diminishing or going bald at the front hairline or sanctuaries, cut in borders do something amazing to add volume and increment your certainty. These edges suit both short and long hair while remaining secure all through your bustling day.

There is a typical misinterpretation that a full hairpiece is the main choice to conceal total going bald. Be that as it may, this isn’t true. Full head hairpieces are accessible and simple to utilize, giving a decent option in contrast to a full hairpiece. Just setting the hairband or hairpiece over your head is as much exertion as is needed with this hair topper. The hairpiece will settle normally, and you can wear a cap, turban, or scarf to make it resemble your hair an incredible choice for the people who don’t wish to pick a full hairpiece.

How do you make a hair topper look natural:

There are so many tutorials and videos on Pinterest and YouTube that show you how to wear and fit the hair topper on your crown and we can watch them or read them or even look and save the pictures but is it that easy to make a topper look natural.. Its not but we are here to guide and help you to make it look as natural as it can be with very few techniques and ideas:

1.How you store the hair topper:

Hair toppers are hairpieces connected to your head by the use of either paste or clasps. They can mix with your hair by a couple of snaps to mask various spaces that are going bald. Toppers can be produced using human hair and manufactured strands. The benefit of toppers over hairpieces is that they can make a characteristic look of totality to your current hair by giving more volume, rather than imagining it’s your hair. When the clincher has mixed well with your genuine hair, it would bring along a flawlessly voluminous look.
Like a hairpiece, the normal gloss of hair clinchers disappears over the long run. To keep your clinchers last longer and look new, the significant thing you can do is to deal with it as your genuine hair. We propose some protection tips which you can apply for both engineered hair clincher and human hair clinchers in the beneath segment.

2.Avoid heat and direct sunlight over your hair topper:

Daylight and hotness can harm your hair and your toppers by separating the hair filaments and dulling the shading. To keep the hair topper feeling saturated, you should store it in a dry and cool spot, for its look as well as its toughness.

Utilizing a towel to retain water subsequent to washing is the most effective way to dry a clincher. Applying hotness ensures shower when you utilize the hairdryer can help in the wash it day.

3.Treat it as if it is your own hair:

This is one of the greatest tips that is here to remind you how fundamental protection is for hair toppers. Assuming you need your topper to mix flawlessly in your hair, it should resemble your hair however much as could reasonably be expected, with that being said you need to take massive care on it as you would on your hair.

4.Applying dark color eye-shadow to the topper:

Let’s say you are losing hair on your hairline and you want to use a topper to cover the baldness then an eye shadow can be your Savior. The eye shadow will depend on your hair color obviously, and you can use it on the lace part. This simple tip will help in creating a well-defined ombre effect for your hair.

5.Use the right tools and material on the wash day:

As for how you treat your natural hair same goes with a hair topper, you need to use the right tools and the right wash liquids like the shampoo and conditioner in order not to damage the hair topper at the end. A wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically designed for hair toppers can help to prevent the hair from falling apart. Always avoid using shampoos and conditioners with sulfate during washing to reduce the tangles and twist situation. Just as how sulfate causes your hair to dry same goes for a hair topper.

6.Pick the right shading of the hair topper to match your hair tone:

Regular hair can change shading when light or the place of perception changes, for instance, assuming that somebody has a hair base tone is dim brown; it can transform into medium brown or dull bronze tone under daylight.

Accordingly, you want to see your trim tone and witness its shade under the light. Then, at that point, blend those two tones or make an ombre shading application to make the multi-dimensional impact.

Applying a hair topper onto your crown or hair:

  1. Open every one of the constrained clasps on the underside of the topper.
  2. Put it on your designated bare spot and secure the clasps at the front first.
  3. Lay the base level of the topper, then, at that point, press the back cuts and both side clasps.
  4. Keep the base firmly to get any excess clasps.
  5. Utilize a brush to mix topper into your hair, then, at that point, style your hair as wanted
    Continuously keep your eyes on the place of the topper and mix it however much as could be expected into your hair, to ensure that it covers the going bald spots on the head.


Hera | Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper (3/4 Cap Wig) | Lace Front: This human hair topper is a human hair top piece with a 10″x10″ super-large base. It is designed to add gorgeous volume and coverage to the entire crown, this topper is made out of 100% Remy human hair that makes the top piece integrate with your hair for a supremely natural look. It has a special feature of a front lace, a mono top, and a wefted back. The mono top gives the most natural look and the wefts make the large topper more breathable. Because of the 100% human hair, it helps the wig to offer the most natural look and feel, it’s less likely to tangle and can be styled with heat tools like your own hair. 


  • Lace Front is ready-to-wear and virtually invisible, creating a natural-looking hairline that gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility and contours to the shape of your head.
  • Monofilament Top creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted.
  • Wefted Back offers a large base and more hair volume.
  • 100% Human Hair is the finest quality and gives you the option to style the hair with heat tools and treat it just like your own hair.

Megan | Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper | Halo-wire | Lace Front: Megan silk topper is our new luxurious silk top hair topper, that’s made from 100% human hair in a natural straight hair texture. The base size is 7.5″x8″ offering ample coverage. It has a silk top that provides the most natural skin-toned base that looks just like your own scalp, as well as a sublime lace front hairline that blends in flawlessly with your skin. The hair is made of human hair that can be styled with heat tools and integrated with your hair perfectly. Megan silk topper has four strategically placed, pressure-sensitive clips for easy application, as well as an optional halo wire to fit around your head for extra security.


  • 100% Human Hair: Offers the most natural look and feel, it can be styled with heat tools like your own hair.
  • An optional halo wire that fits around your head for extra security and will lay the front lace flat, You can cut the wire if it is not needed for you.
  • 7.5″x8″ Base Size: Perfect for adding hair volume and covering the thinning hair area. Silk area: 4″*4.25″.
  • Silk Top Base: Creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted and allows you to part the hair in any direction.

Claire | Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs | Pre-cut Lace Front: this is one special topper with added bangs to it. Claire with bangs offers a lace front that creates a natural-looking hairline and allows for off-the-face styling. It has bangs, which help you to avoid the concern of an unnatural hairline.The monofilament top creates the appearance of natural hair growth. Four strategically placed, pressure-sensitive clips provide a secure, comfortable fit. This exquisite hair addition is ideal for adding volume on top of the head.

  • SPECIAL FEATURES:Pre-cut Lace Front is ready-to-wear and virtually invisible, creating a natural-looking hairline that gives you amazing off-the-face styling versatility and contours to the shape of your head.
  • Monofilament Top creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted.
  • 100% Human Hair is the finest quality and gives you the option to style the hair with heat tools and treat it just like your own hair.

We realize that occasionally, individuals keep away from hair toppers and often ask themselves, ‘are hair toppers a terrible idea for hair?’, ‘should I get a hair topper?’. To put it plainly, no and yes { respectively }. Hair toppers are a protective and incredible method for camouflaging balding or attempting another look!

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