When you don’t really want to add much volume but just want to disguise your parting, a hair topper with a small base size would be the way forward… Today we are going to introduce three full hand-tied monofilament hair toppers and all of them would be great choices to cover the thinning part.

1#. 5″x2.75″ Amelia | Full Mono Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs

Amelia offers playful yet elegant bangs, automatically making your whole look polished. This is a must-have hair topper for people who are just starting the hair loss journey, especially for people with a receding hairline.

2#. 5″x2.75″ Amelia | Full Mono Remy Human Hair Topper

This “mini” topper is made from 100% Human Hair that can be dressed up with bouncy curls for a night out on the town or kept silk straight for a flawless everyday look.

The 5″x2.75″ fully hand-tied mono base has four pressure-sensitive clips and is snuggle to wear. Amelia offers perfect coverage on a thinning part.

3#. 3″*4″ Mini Human Hair Topper

The Mini Hair Topper is a small hairpiece with a base size of 3″x4″. It is perfect for women with a thinning parting or only a little amount of hair loss.

What are the benefits for these three full hand-tied hair toppers?

* Allow free-parting- You could part it in the middle or sides to fit the best.
*Lightweight- It will cause less pressure on your hair and scalp due to their lightweight of them; *Easy to care- These hair toppers would be easier to care for and maintain since the less hair they have.
*Ideal for adding volume, covering thinning at the part, or concealing new growth between colors.

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