Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

How many people nowadays change their style immediately with hair extensions? For people with thinning hair or shorter hair, hair extensions are a boon! Several different types of installation methods exist in salons today. Clips are one of the most widely used methods nowadays. However some people are concerned that this may damage their real hair as well as their scalp. There is no denying that improperly installed and poorly maintained extensions can indeed lead to hair loss. But not all hair extensions can cause such serious damage, especially if you receive the services of a professional stylist and care for them properly.

Clip-in hair extensions are one of the safest forms of hair extensions!

Here we explain the questions our customers have asked:

1.Clips will pull your hair

This is not the case! A weft with several clips on it distributes the weight evenly, making them safer for your hair. If you have thin hair, your stylist will sew extra clips on your weft to distribute the weight further. This way your hair will feel comfortable with your scalp.

2.The extention track will be displayed

You have absolutely nothing to worry about in this situation! The truth is that if your hair extensions are pinned in and blended correctly, they will not be visible at all. A professional hairdresser is perfectly capable of blending your hair with extensions! For example, many brides wear hair extensions all night and they still look natural and the track is well hidden.

3.Hair extensions do not blend well with natural hair

This is nothing to worry about as your stylist will select the correct set of extensions for your hair and blend them seamlessly into your hair.

4.Hair extensions can pull at the roots of the hair and cause hair loss

Clip-in hair extensions cause very little damage to the hair. The truth is that clip-in extensions don’t really cause a lot of damage unless you tie them into an extremely high ponytail. Sometimes you can give your hair and scalp a break by removing clip-in extensions.

1.Clip-in hair extensions can prevent hair growth

There is no need to worry so much about this, as long as you choose the right set of extensions and clips for your hair, your natural hair will not feel the stress. With the right care, they can still grow naturally.

We’ll be recommending a few hair treatments to further reduce the damage to your scalp and hair from clip-in hair extensions!

2.Wash your hair on time

Even if you’re wearing a hair extension, you need to make sure you take good care of the hair and scalp underneath. But please remember not to over-wash your hair as this can cause the installation to loosen! We recommend washing and conditioning at least every other week. Also, you must be gentle in this process to prevent damage to the hair roots.

3.Don’t use too many products

For you who have undergone hair extensions, it is not right to use too many hair care products. We recommend only using products such as heat protectants and dry shampoos.

4.Brush your hair every day.

You need to comb your hair gently every day with a special comb, remembering that the comb must have soft bristles so that tangles can be removed. Also ensure that your hair is thoroughly combed through each time you remove your hair extensions.

That’s our understanding of clip-in hair extension! If you have any more questions, please let us know!

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