Filling in your hair sparse and adding hair volume with the crown wig

Filling in your hair sparse and adding hair volume with the crown wig

Finding a wig that adds more style to your personality can be challenging and also be sometimes stressful. You can get help from your wig consultant so he can guide you and give a detailed overlook of it, so before buying a wig, you already will have some essential points in your mind so you would not regret it afterward – Things to consider before buying a crown wig:

  • Shape of face
  • Length of the wig
  • Cap construction
  • The texture of the hair
  • The versatility of the wig

Types of hair

Choosing a wig is not as simple as it looks; it must match your hair type and look natural. For that, some wigs feel like natural human hair, and it is also semi-customized, which means you can style it according to your preference. These wig hair have quite durable and can be used for more than one year if kept with care.

You can also go for synthetic hair as they also look and feels like a natural human, but you cannot style it according to your preference, but they do not need much care and maintenance. This hair wig can be used right after the purchase, but these are less durable for only six months even if kept with proper care and maintenance.

Another type of hair is heat-friendly synthetic which can be styled in any shape according to your preference. Still, these have the durability of 2 or 3 months depending on their maintenance and care as they are made of high quality but fragile material.

Types of knots in the wig

Every wig is knotted differently, and these knots define the strength of the wig and also knowing about the knots helps you find a perfect wig for you as single knot hair wigs consist of a knot that ties all hair falling back in a loop through a knot. Another type of knot is a single split knot; only one hair loops through the knot in this knot. To get a more secure wig, there is a double knot as it is tied twice. There is also a double-slit knot, but it is stronger than one slit knot but strong same as a double knot. The most used knot is V-knot as it styles the hair in hairstyle as V or a U shape from base material, but it gives extra strength.

Hand-tied caps

There is a large variety of wigs such as full lace or monofilament styles which consists of almost all types of lace such as glass-silk, swiss lace, or hand-tied lace, but in the case of monofilament style, we have a single unit, double units, and hand-tied units. Usually, monofilament consists of high-quality lace-like material such as nylon mesh and polyester.

Hand-tied caps are suitable for people who have a sensitive scalp or suffer from allergies as these have breathable tops. The monofilament wig makes your scalp color and hairline visible as its base consists of a mesh blend. You can also part the hair according to t your style as this wig can attach easily, and full lace attaches to adhesives through urethane strips.

Types of wigs

Due to the massive collection of wigs in the market, the customers get confused about finding the best one to match their style. To avoid all this trouble, we provide detailed information about our high-quality and durable wigs. Following are the types of wigs that can add color to your personality

This wig consists of Remy human hair, which is heat-friendly and can be styled with a flat iron or curling iron, maintaining a perfect integration. The 7”x8” cap provides enough coverage and gives volume. It is shoulder-length, almost 16 inches, and gives a hair density of 120% to 130%. And it also comes in a wide range of colors to match your expectations.

As the aura wig also consists of Remy human hair, it can also be heat styled by using a flat iron r curling iron without any damage. The cap base consists of a 1.5” skin part, and it also provides ample coverage and volume. The length of this hair wig ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches with 110% hair density which allows applying lightweight hair clips that would not put much pressure on hair so they would not get damaged. This wig is present in four colors.

The Remy human hair topper consists of hair with high heat resistance, so they don’t get damaged when provided heat while straightening or curling them, and also, the texture does not get damaged. The large 7”x8” base cape provides enough volume and coverage to give a natural look. It covers the mono part of 1.5” width and 4” length and weft back. The complete length of the hole is 16 inches with a density of 120%. This wig is also available in a variety of colors.

This wig also has bangs, consisting of thin silk Remy human hair to give a shiny and natural look. The base is 7”x8” to provide full coverage and volume as it has 120% hair density and a length of almost 12 inches to 16 inches. It is available in an extensive collection of colors and is also easy to put on and lightweight, so it does not put much pressure on the scalp. And the bangs are also easy to handle.

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