How to Take Care of Your Hair under the Wig

How to Take Care of Your Hair under the Wig

“Hair is the greatest crown one can wear.”

Getting crowned is only half the job done, wisest is the one who maintains it. Hair is also one of the greatest possessions that requires time and effort. The more you invest in hair care, the greater your hair shines.

Often people lose hair due to various factors, half of which are medical reasons. Alopecia, chemotherapy, hormonal changes, postpartum or pregnancy, and environmental damage cause the hair to damage and fall off.

Malnutrition, unhealthy lifestyle, eating junk, sleeping late, and forgetting daily vitamins also contribute to hair fall. Hair wigs do cater to the problem to the extent that it helps hide hair loss or hair thinning beautifully, however, those who want to use these wigs should take care of their natural hair to decrease the chances of progressive hair loss.

Do you want to regrow your natural hair under the wig? Scroll down to harness the secret behind hair regrowth.

Wearing wigs for longer can damage your natural hair and scalp. Removing wigs that are secured to your head with the help of hair glue or hair tape also exposes the natural hair to breakage. Therefore, follow these super simple yet effective tips and tricks if you want to restore healthy natural hair under the wig.

1- Give your Hair a Good Wash with a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Wearing wigs for a longer span can block the oxygen from reaching your scalp. Oxygen strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. If you are wearing a wig routinely, it is mandatory to clear the sebum and residue that builds on the scalp.

Therefore, using a gentle shampoo at least twice a week is necessary to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Sulfate-free shampoos are gentler on the scalp and hair. Other harsh shampoos can dry out the scalp further.

2- No Amount of Conditioner is Ever Enough

The more moisture you provide to the hair strands, the greater they thrive. Wearing a wig above the natural hair suffocates your scalp, and it needs to be reenergized with the help of good quality shampoo and conditioner. Conditioning works as hair food for the scalp, keeping it healthy and moisturized.

Conditioning hair also increases hair elasticity which makes the hair more manageable and lustrous.

3- Apply Hair Serums

Hair glues, hair tapes, and the wig itself can dry out or irritate the scalp, which slows down the process of hair regrowth. Applying serums that contain the goodness of essential oils can keep the scalp healthy and nourished. Use serums that have lavender oils, frankincense oil, and tea tree oil to calm the scalp. Tea tree oil also keeps dandruff at bay.

4- Mask your Hair with Organic Ingredients

You don’t have to buy a fancy hair mask for the sake of a healthy scalp and hair regrowth. Use your kitchen ingredients to make organic hair masks. The best conditioning hair mask can be made by mixing an egg, half an avocado, and a teaspoon of olive oil. This mask will provide a generous amount of protein to the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles for better hair regrowth.

5- Trim Your Hair Regularly

Do not leave your natural untouched just because they are going to be hidden under the wig anyway. Trimming helps filter out dead hair and split ends which further promotes hair growth; therefore, regularly trim your hair if you want your natural hair to look healthy.

6- Use Pre-Glued Hair

Hair glue can damage the scalp and natural hairline, so it is better to use wigs that are already pre-glued or come with attached hair clips for a secure fit. A headband hair wig is also another amazing option to save hair from getting damaged.

7- Say NO to Cheap Quality Wigs

Stay away from cheap quality wigs if you want to protect your natural hair underneath. Cheap quality wigs have thick caps that do not allow oxygen to pass through the surface, whereas high-quality lace front or mono base wigs are extremely breathable. For instance, check out these gorgeous hairpieces by Uniwigs.

Chrissy | Long Wavy Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

The wig features pre-cut hair and Remy human hair strands along with a base cap that is as light as a cloud.

Anatole | 100% Straight Human Hair Burgundy 13″x4” Lace Front Wig

Inspired by Nicki Minaj, Anatole is a beautiful red wig with silky soft hair and a breathable base cap.

8- Use Hair Toppers

If you have partial hair thinning, hair toppers are more recommended. Unlike wigs, they provide coverage to areas where it’s needed. These latest hair toppers by Uniwigs serve the purpose.

8.5″x9″ Blake | Silk Part Remy Human Hair Topper | Middle Part

Providing enough volume and coverage, this hair topper comprises Remy human hair and a soft base cap. The central parting look natural due to the hand-tied hairline and silky cap.

5.5″x5.5″ Claire | Mono Top Remy Human Hair Topper With Bangs | Pre-cut Lace Front

With a lightweight mono base and pre-cut lace front, this hair topper is ideal for those who want a hairpiece that gives coverage without damaging the scalp.

Summing Up

Hair thinning or hair loss can be covered with the help of a wig, but that does not mean one shouldn’t take good care of the natural hair under the wig. Take good care of your natural hair to regrow your crown. Meanwhile, you can use high-quality hair wigs that have good user reviews, like wigs by Uniwigs.

Uniwigs create beautiful hair toppers and hair wigs that are lightweight and breathable and do not damage the scalp or natural hair of the wearer. Check out the extensive collection of wigs and hair toppers on the official website now.

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