Hair Topper With Bangs

Hair Topper With Bangs

Hair loss or thinning is such a nuisance and a disappointment that it might ruin your appearance. This hair problem usually begins on the top of the head, and baldness might appear if a significant amount of hair has been lost.

To combat hair loss, most people would use hair products and other home treatments. Similarly, using a hair topper is an effective technique to address baldness or hair thinning.

Toppers and top pieces are excellent options for women who are experiencing early to mid-stage hair loss or who just want to add fullness to the crown/top of their head. Toppers are accessible in synthetic or human hair and come in short, medium, and long lengths at UniWigs. You’ll always be able to find the one you’re looking for. The ideal replacement for full wigs!


This is definitely gonna be your new favorite bangs clip-in hair topper! This quirky yet exquisite full hair topper with bangs instantly polishes your entire appearance. It is composed of 100% Remy Human Hair and can be styled in bouncy curls for a night out on the town or silk straight for a stunning everyday appearance.

The 5 “x2.75” mono top base is comfortable to wear and contains four pressure-sensitive clips. This hair topper provides excellent coverage for a thinning area. It is 14 inches long with 9 inches of subtle layers for face-framing and easy blending with your own hair.

One of the best things about a full mono Remy human hair topper with bangs is that it isn’t difficult at all to conceal the hairline; the bangs will hide the hairline and make you look completely natural. Just clip it in, and off you go.

Key Specification:

  • Cap Construction: Mono Base with full hand-tied
  • Fiber: Remy Human Hair
  • Cap base:5″x2.75″
  • Color: natural black
  • Hair Density: 130%


This amber hair topper with bangs is 6 “x 6” and is a clip-in hair topper that gives seamless volume and coverage to the top of the head and along the parting. It features bangs, so you won’t have to worry about an unnatural hairline.

It also has a silk top that completely hides the knots and provides the impression that the hair is genuinely coming out of your head. It’s made of 100 percent human hair and can be heat styled with a flat iron or curling iron to achieve the perfect blend with your own hair.

Key Specifications:

  • Straight hair texture
  • Remy Human Hair
  • 6 “x6” Cap Size
  • The top and crown of the head are covered.
  • 100% Human hair allows you to style the hair exactly like your own and achieve faultless blending.
  • Silk Top Base creates the illusion of a natural scalp.
  • Easy to use, secure, lightweight, non-damaging, and non-permanent pressure-sensitive clips.


Melanie with bangs is a stunning human hair topper, the fringe version of the well-known Melanie topper. The 4.5-4.75″ length bangs on this topper are enticing and may be worn to the side or cropped for a wispier look. Melanie with bangs doesn’t need to hide the topper hairline because the bangs successfully hide the topper front. This hair topper features an 8.5 “x9” base for maximum coverage and a hand-tied monofilament top for a realistic root appearance.

Key Specifications:

  • 100% Human Hair provides the most natural look and feel, is less likely to tangle, and can be fashioned with heat tools in the same way as your own hair.
  • 8.5 “x9” Extra Large Base adds fullness, hides thinning, or covers new roots in-between shades with this extra-large base.
  • The density of hair is 130 %
  • Monofilament Top gives the appearance of natural hair growth when the hair is parted and allows you to part it in any direction.
  • This topper has 4.5-4.75″ pre-styled bangs that perfectly disguise the topper hairline and provide an outstanding look.


The Instant Bang is a 4.5″ fringe hairpiece with face-framing sides that is simple to put on. The top natural part allows for smooth integration. You can add a fringe to your hairdo without having to cut your own hair with this hairpiece. The hair is designed to be brushed or combed back at the top, making the attachment nearly undetectable.

The Instant Clip-In Bang can make your hair look larger and more volumized in the front. The bangs also give you a really natural look, so you won’t have to worry about your hairline being visible.

It’s also composed of 100 percent human hair, so it may be curled or straightened using thermal styling equipment to mix in seamlessly with your natural hair texture.

Key Specifications:

  • Fringe length is 4.5,” and Side and Back are 16.”
  • Remy Human Hair fiber can be heat-styled with a flat iron or curling iron to create the perfect integration with your hair.
  • Cap Dimensions are4.5″*2.5″
  • Mono Base is a full hand-tied mono base. The top natural part allows for smooth integration.
  • Natural Straight Hair Texture

Bottom Line

A hair topper can be the perfect answer for achieving a beautiful and natural change if you need some more volume to cover up thinning portions of your hair. Choosing a hair topper might be difficult with such a wide variety to choose from, but uniwigs is here to solve this problem!

We understand that some people are hesitant to use hair toppers and wonder, “Are hair toppers hazardous for your hair?” In a nutshell, no. Hair toppers are absolutely safe and a terrific technique to hide hair loss or experiment with a new style!

While hair toppers aren’t harmful to your hair, wearing them incorrectly is. Fortunately, using them correctly is simple! To avoid damage to your hair, choose a good-quality hair topper and be slow and gentle while applying and removing it. Just follow these tips, and you can rock your topper and embrace the new style!

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