A Must-see If You’re Looking for Youth

A Must-see If You’re Looking for Youth

Toppers have always been the boon of hair loss sufferers. In this age of beauty, people suffering from hair loss can not only have a lush head of hair, but can even decide on their own different hairstyle.There are many factors that determine whether a topper is of good quality: smooth hair, realistic scalp, breathability and above all whether it will suit your taste.

Today we’re featuring the top 3 mono base toppers that are far more popular than you might think. Many wearers refer to them as “confidence booster”.
Why Is Mono Base Toppers?

People who have worn wigs for hair loss know that the base of the topper has four main categories: mono base, lace base, skin base and silk base. But in fact, the mono is always the most popular base type. The high density of the topper design makes the mono base topper look very realistic, yet completely breathable. The mono base topper could create the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted, and it can part your hair in either direction.This is certainly a good idea for those who suffer from hair loss. So the five toppers we’re introducing today are all mono base.
Different Topper Options For People With Different Levels Of Hair Loss
The three toppers to be introduced today are all made from 100 percent human hair, and the benefit is that you can do curly hair styling at will. Also, the topper of real human hair is very similar to your own hair as long as you choose the right color. Its longevity is equally important for hair loss sufferers who wear wigs every day. Fortunately, the real hair topper has the longest service life of any product in its class.
1.7″x8″ Courtney

Courtney offers a large 7*8 base size which can completely cover the part of your hair loss, the most important feature is that it is divided into the middle part, the left part and the right part.this topper received a lot of positive comments about its light weight, which brings the user a very good experience, Apparently, it is designed for women with thinning hair.
It is popular for much more than that, what will really impress you is its price, a topper made of real hair only costs $258. People who bought it said: I feel so confident in this topper and the color match looks perfect. No one can really tell it’s not mine.
2.8.5″x9″ Melanie

As you can see, Melanie has 8.5”x9” super large base, ladies with severe hair loss can buy it without hesitation. In addition to having multiple lengths to choose from, it also offers straight, curly and with bangs styles for you to choose from. Bangs can give a more youthful look and can also better hide your hairline. Melanie can fulfill your wish. Even if you don’t like bangs style, Melanie’s mono top allows you part your hair form any direction.
People who bought it said:This topper really did change my life. It’s so shiny and soft and is so so easy to clip in. I can literally do my hair for a night out in 5 minutes. 
3.5.5″x5.5″ Claire

Claire is suitable for women with moderate hair loss. It is different from the first two toppers, the front lace design of it is convenient for you to wear at any time. For those who are in a hurry to get to work, it is not advisable to spend too much time in the morning on wearing the wig. Lace front make it looks virtually invisible. Likewise, the most realistic materials need to be treated with the utmost care. The prerequisite for owning Claire is that you take good care of it. In addition, Claire is the perfect choice for the “color-choice Difficulties”. 22 different colors allow you to easily find the one that is closest to your hair color.
People who bought it said: The 5.5″x5.5″ cap gives plenty of coverage, lays flat on the head, and has a realistic mono-top! The clips are also so comfortable! They don’t tug on the hair and I can barely feel them there when I wear it! 
Enjoy discounted prices now!
Surprisingly, the three unbeatable toppers introduced today are available for purchase on Uniwigs’ official website until August 31 at a discounted price of one hundred and twenty-five percent off, which means that ladies who like Courtney can buy them at a lower price, and the other two toppers will be priced accordingly. Click on this link to get your favorite topper now before the sale ends! https://www.uniwigs.com/116-top-hairpieces

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