The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Wigs

The Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair Wigs

“Sould I purchase a synthetic wig or a human hair wig?” it may become the main question among the wig newbies. Frankly speaking there is no specific answers to this question since the right choice depends on different situations like your budget, time and demands.In this article, we’re gonna discuss several aspects to help you make a wise decision.

The first step is to give a introduction of synthetic hair. It is a polymer made of plastic fibers trying to look realistic to human hair. The strands are laced or tied into extensions or hairpieces. Over years and years, the technology of polymer had develped massively and now these products based on this tech can look and feel like the real human hair. And you may not know the fact that some high-qulity synthetic wigs can be heat-friendly!


Okay let’s focus on the biggest advantages on our synthetic hair wigs!

  1. Ease: Because they come pre-styled and bounce back to the original shape after washes, unlike human wig hair, synthetic wigs are very easy to care for.
  2. Low maintenace.

As the first feature showing, synthetic wigs are generally easier to take care of. They require alomost no upkeep which do help the girls a lot. They probably are not willing to style a wig on a daily basis. Espercially for someone who advoids the daily care routine, the human hair wig won’t give them a break.

  • Weather Resistance.

No matter the wearther conditions, a synthetic wig will remain it’s original style which the human hair wig will be affected a lot.

  • Color Rentention

There comes the very persuasive reason for choosing a synthetic wig, the advantange of color retention. Unlike human hair wigs will eventually fade, the synthetic fibers can retain the colors opermanently. Of course it can be hated for this reason when some girls try to recolor them.

  • Cost

Synthetic hair wigs are almost always less expensive ones compared to human hair wigs. The cost can allow the buyers to purchase several styles and satisfy the indulgence of wig loving.

  • Broad Selection

We all know that synthetic hair wigs have various styles, cuts and colors. As the time goes by, the market becomes more mature and it allows the wig addicts to find the most suitable one from a broad selection.

  • Quality

As the techoology grows, a lot of tradition barriers to synthetic hair wigs has been removed. Most of the syethetic wigs are quite reliable and feel like real thing. Low cost adds good quality product, it is a real deal.


Of course synthtetic wigs have their disadvantages which should also take into consideration before you make a buying decision.

  1. Unnatural Look

Thought as the advances in tech, synthtic wigs can still look not so natural, especially in direct light or in the ways that they move. The differences can be very subtle belong high quality synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. But as the lower grade synthetic wigs, the differences in shine and flow can be quite a thing and easy to tell.

  • Permanent styling

Permanent styling are welcome to sme wig users while others are not pleasant with it. The girls have great chances losing interests in one wig look and want to make a change. If so they will tend to choose human hair wig to satisfy their needs.

  • Discomfort

Synthetic hair wigs are not so “breath” than human hair wigs, especially when you have to wear a wig day long, the human hair wig pros will definitely showing.

  • Heat

Some of the high quality synthetic wigs are heat-friendly but most are not. Most synthetic wigs can not resist 400 degrees. For using curlers and tongs at low heat are okay to go but do not experct to use your iron.

Where do I buy good quality Synthetic Wigs?

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