Easy Tips to Cover Thinning Hair on Crown

Easy Tips to Cover Thinning Hair on Crown

When a person experiences hair loss, it may lead to anxiety, depression, and social phobia. Depression can lead to having a low mood, lack of interest in activities, loss of energy, and sleep deprivation.  With anxiety, it can cause excessive worrying and this would lead to social phobia behavior. 

While some people may experience hair falling which is not too alarming, there are those who start to have a thinning crown. This is, of course, a nightmare and if you are experiencing a bald spot on your crown, well do not let it stress you out. Do you know that hair loss at the crown is the easiest type of hair loss to hide? There are many tricks to cover thinning hair on the crown.  Check out some tips below.

1.  Switch Up Your Hairstyle

Camouflage the crown through a basic haircut. There are many haircuts for the bald spot-on crown options available to help transform your look.  Choose haircut styles that can cover the sparse areas and create the illusion of thicker hair. Less is more saying holds true as longer hair tends to be heavier and holds the hair down against the scalp. Getting a shorter haircut with texture and layer can give your hair some body and offers the illusion of fuller hair.  A layered cut can add bounce and fullness to your head. You may also try swiping your hair into an updo.  A well-placed updo is the best disguise as this style can keep hair over the spot that is balding.  Remember to avoid tight styles such as cornrows or ponytails as they can cause breakage and pull out hair at the root.  This will cause scarring that prevents hair from growing back.

2.  Color Your Hair

Dyeing your hair can actually help hide the appearance of thinning hair. You can try to add some highlights or lowlights to your hair for dimension.  When dyeing thin hair, pick a shade that is close to the natural hair color.  It is better to have less contrast between the hair and the scalp.  Dramatic color changes like bleaching can break the hair because it requires chemicals.

3. Use Volumizing Hair Products

Give the body of your hair some boost with spray or volumizing moose.  These types of products are great to level up your hair.  Apply them close to the roots as this will add stiffness and cause the strand of hair to push away from each other.  This will give you instant lush volume.  Try to tease the hair around the thinning crown to give the illusion of fullness.

4.  Change The Way You Part Your Hair 

Having straight hair parts can enhance the appearance of thinning hair.  Try changing things up by adding a zig-zag pattern to your hair parting.  Cross small sections of hair from left to right to create a zig-zag pattern. You can also try parting your hair on the opposite side to cover up thinning patches.

5.  Put On Some Makeup

If you use makeup on your face, why not try it on your scalp?  Get your hands on a tinted hair spray or a colored powder that is specifically made to disguise hair loss. Choose a shade that matches your roots. Tap off excess color from the brush and dab it gently onto the scalp.

6.  Accessorize with Headgear

A chic way to hide thinning hair is to wear hats or scarves.  Put on a silk scarf for a feminine look or a fun beanie or a newsboy cap for an ultra-stylish look.  The classic hats are also the perfect on-the-go accessory to camouflage the thinning crown.

7.  Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are another great option for hair loss or thinning crowns.  Hair toppers are also known as wiglet, hairpiece, hair enhancers, or top extensions.  It is a smaller piece of hairpiece that looks very natural and can be secured onto the head with a clip.  A hair topper is good for offering coverage to a specific area of the scalp, including the crown, top, and part.  They are highly popular because they are smaller and lighter than wigs.

uniwigs human hair wig

Hair toppers can add volume and coverage at the top of the head where hair extensions cannot reach. They come in different base types, shapes and sizes. For a hair topper to look natural, remember to choose the color and texture that match your natural hair. Below are some of the benefits of using hair toppers:

  • Scalp Coverage – Besides providing coverage to thinning and bald spots on the head, hair toppers can also cover up roots on dyed hair.
  • Fuller Hair – Hair toppers are great for adding fullness to hair to create a more voluminous look.
  • Quick & Easy Installation –  Most toppers can be attached easily to the hair with pressure-sensitive clips. One of the benefits of using a hair topper is that it can instantly change your look. Thus, hair toppers are the perfect way to get a confidence boost for someone who is dealing with thinning hair.
  • Many Options: The hair toppers can be made from either synthetic material or human hair.  Synthetic hair toppers require less maintenance whereas toppers made from human hair look, feel and wear like natural hair.   Toppers come in different lengths, have different base sizes and also different styles.  There are straight hair toppers, wavy toppers, and hair toppers for thinning crown
uniwigs human hair wig

If you are new to hair toppers, check out the video below for beginner hair topper wearers.


Hair toppers can restore one’s confidence and offer the full, voluminous hair of your dreams. They are the most comfortable, cost-effective and easiest to apply.

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