Things You Should Know about Human Hair Topper with Bangs

Things You Should Know about Human Hair Topper with Bangs

Wearing a hair topper is no longer a taboo

A definitely positive aspect of using a wig is that of being able to have greater serenity in relationships, as you can find harmony and pleasure in your face and body. A renewed look allows us to rediscover the pleasure of going out, getting to know, introducing ourselves to others. The wig is chosen by those who are facing therapies that involve hair loss, or by those who have problems with baldness and alopecia for example.

How to choose the hair topper

The choice of wig is very important to feel comfortable. Moreover, it is an investment that lasts over time, so it is also necessary to take care of it by following simple rules that facilitate maintenance. But which wig to choose? There are natural wigs and synthetic fiber wigs on the market. The natural ones are made with real hair, come in a wide range of shades, and can be styled in different ways. The synthetic ones are made of synthetic fiber, they cannot be styled to your liking but allow you to obtain an equally natural look.

In recent years, thanks to the advent of technology, wigs with fiber hair are much lighter and the hair looks more natural. In addition, they are also easy to maintain and do not deform even after washing. To consider in the choice of a human hair wig with bangs is the fact that it is also breathable and hypoallergenic, so as not to create irritation on the skin. Another important element not to be underestimated is the processing of the wig cap, which is the part that is in direct contact with the skin and on which the hair is fixed. The most common process, as well as considered the best, is that of monofilament, which consists of a very light structure that ensures absolute breathability and gives a natural effect.

Alopecia wigs

Alopecia wigs are wigs with real hair and represent a great and effective aesthetic resource to counteract the effect generated by this disease that affects many people. Beautiful and easy to fix, suitable for any type of face, and available in different models, they allow you to regain your confidence and remove the psychological discomfort caused by total alopecia areata.

The wigs for alopecia are handmade, they are breathable and equipped with non-slip silicone or double-sided adhesive to be fixed correctly and firmly to the skin. Precisely because they are light and perfectly adherent, they allow you to carry out all normal daily activities without any discomfort. Plus, these wigs can also be styled and colored in the same way as natural hair, so making a makeover is simple and easy.

How to fix a hair topper well

To secure a wig well and feel it firmly in the head, here are some tips to follow. First of all, pull your hair back to the maximum and secure it with the clips, taking care not to create irregularities on the skin. Also, wear a cap that fits snugly. Then start preparing the skin: rinse the part of the hairline with soap and water and dab with disinfectant, a necessary operation to make the glue adhere better.

Then spread a light layer of skin protection cream and let it dry. Apply a light coat of liquid glue directly to the hairline and wait for it to dry completely, then gently place the wig on your head. The procedure is simple to perform and does not involve particular difficulties, the important thing is to carefully perform each step to obtain a natural result.

How to fasten a hair topper if you have long hair

The problem is fixing the hair topper can arise more in the presence of long hair. How to put on a wig with long hair and arrange it correctly making it look natural? In this case, just follow a few small tricks and it’s done! First of all, separate the hair into two strands, twist them and cross them behind the head, then with the clips pin them at the top and bottom, this way they will stay attached to the head.

If you have very long hair, make smaller twists and do this until you have used up all of your hair and pinned it to the hair. The base obtained should be uniform so that it does not create any bumps once you have put the human hair topper for women on. A valid solution to best contain all the twists and have a homogeneous base is to put a net or a neutral-colored cap that adheres perfectly and keeps the hair away from the hairline.

How to straighten a human topper without damaging it

Care must be taken to smooth a wig without damaging it. To know the best methods on how to straighten a wig follow these tips and you will see that you will not have any problems. To straighten a wig with real hair you can use a hairdryer or a straightener, two tools that will allow you to obtain perfect styling in just a few minutes.

More care requires the synthetic wig: in fact, to smooth a wig of this type, the best solution is to place it on a polystyrene head for wigs and fix it with pins. First of all, you have to untangle the hair with a wide-toothed comb or, alternatively, with a steel brush for wigs, taking care to take strand by strand starting from the tips and continuing upwards. Once this has been done, pour boiling water on the wig and let it air dry. In the meantime, try to untie the knots with your hands so as not to damage the fiber, and to make it dry more quickly, use a hairdryer with a warm or cold air jet. The result will be perfect!

We are therefore waiting for you on the Uniwigs website, where you can come and choose the wig that suits you and your style the most. You will find so many solutions with fringe that you will be spoiled for choice in terms of colors and models. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service and get in touch with us! Get ready to shine in a new light with your new hair that everyone will envy you!

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