Hair Topper is Different in UK, Australia, and Canada?

Hair Topper is Different in UK, Australia, and Canada?

Hair loss represents a problem for both men and women.

The causes are different: in men the hereditary factor (androgenetic alopecia), abnormal sebum production (seborrheic alopecia), stress/depression, and dietary deficiencies. In women, these causes are added to drastic diets, thyroid problems, menopause, and the post-partum period. Whatever the reasons, hair loss often causes discomfort in the person suffering from it.

In women, in particular, hair loss has heavier psychological implications, because female pattern baldness is less culturally accepted. Women who suffer from hair loss risk seeing their femininity compromised. It is therefore very important to be able to relieve the discomfort of men and women who see their image deteriorate due to hair that goes away.

The solutions for hair loss can be different: hair tests can be carried out to understand what is the problem underlying the fall. However, it is not always possible to “recover” lost hair once the cause has been identified. In these cases, other types of solutions can be used, such as hair toppers, hair extensions, or wigs.

Uniwigs offers different solutions based on the needs of each individual customer. Our goal is to help women get back thick and natural hair, to recover the lost image and above all self-esteem. This solution can be suitable for any type of woman, of any nationality and ethnicity. No matter where in the world you come from, the Uniwigs team ships worldwide!

Hair Topper

From today it is possible to count on a line of hair toppers for women designed to help and improve natural female beauty.

Our products are particularly suitable for those with little hair and thinning on the top of the head. They apply in minutes and blend with your own hair.

They can be worn for various reasons, especially to increase the volume of the hair and fill the thinned areas, but also to create hairstyles, or to obtain meches hair.

The thinning or total loss of hair thanks to an appropriate hair topper will no longer represent an obstacle to living your life peacefully.

How is the topper fixed to the skin?

There are different types of hair toppers, which can be removable or permanent.

In the first case, we are talking about toppers applicable with clips, which are fixed directly to your hair, are worn in the morning, and removed in the evening (daily use).

In the second case, the topper is fixed to the skin by means of adhesives or glues that do not irritate the skin. In the case of thickening with net or additions, the topper is fixed to real hair with a glue similar to the keratin used for the extensions. The person’s hair is then passed through the hair net.

Human hair topper UK

In the UK, glamorous hair toppers are ideal for starting a makeover. Spring is here, so why not try something new and fun, and give it a twist? Say goodbye to the monotony of winter and welcome these hair topper trends! Here are the most popular hair topper trends in the UK!

Curly hair

Curly hair is still in fashion, especially those that give a very natural effect. So here is the hair topper that’s right for you!

Long wavy hair

This look won’t go out of style easily! This type of cut lengthens the face and enhances it a lot, and it is also very feminine.


The lobs have always been recognized as haircuts that give an uninhibited but glamorous look!

In the UK, beyond that, there’s no shortage of ’80s-inspired runway looks – simple waves, center parts, and sculptural looks dazzled with gorgeous hair clips, braids, and ornaments.

Hair topper Australia

Lace Front

In Australia, stunning lace top style wigs have been making waves for a year now!

The lace front is a layer of lace located at the hairline, on which the hair is sewn by hand, in order to create the most natural effect possible. The transparent tulle reveals the skin and recreates the movement of the hair so that the hairline of the wig is almost invisible to the naked eye. The lace front can be combined with all the types of shells described above. This short hair wig you see in the picture is the solution for you!

Colorful hair

Right now, funky-colored hair is very hot in Australia! While blonde and brunette will never go out of style, pastel or even neon shades are currently having great success!

There are so many reasons to opt for a colorful one. It can add some fun to your daily look. It can express your personality and creativity. Also, if you don’t want to try a crazy color on your organic hair, you can try it with a wig, without damage!

Hair topper Canada


As for the American continent, and more specifically Canada, the best influencers and it-girls are sporting the ponytail in this country, the best for you this season!

Heat resistant wigs

What are heat-resistant wigs? There are two types of heat-resistant wigs. The first and most common of these are wigs made with special chemically treated fibers, which make the wig hair resistant to high temperatures. This allows the wig user to safely straighten or curl their wigs just as they would their own hair, without having to worry about damage to the wig.

The second type of wigs includes both human hair and synthetic fibers. Both types of heat-resistant wigs offer flexibility and convenience. Price is the main advantage, as wig wearers can enjoy the advantage of paying less, for a wig that is similar in naturalness and styling flexibility to a human hair wig.

How long does a topper last?

The duration of a topper largely depends on the periodic maintenance that is carried out. Generally, a topper fixed on the scalp in a semi-permanent way can be worn for a maximum of 30 days, after which it must be removed, cleaned, and re-positioned on the skin (both because it loses perfect adherence and for hygienic reasons). This obviously does not apply to toppers for daily use. If this periodic treatment is carried out, the topper can last from a few months to 2 years. After this period, it is advisable to replace it, due to the normal deterioration of the hair or fiber used.

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