5 Causes of Hair Loss – What you should do?

5 Causes of Hair Loss – What you should do?

Hair loss is no longer just a purely metabolic issue nowadays, it is how the agonizing term “hair loss issue” is derived. It is no longer the “patent” of the middle-aged and the elderly group, it jumps out from the age limit, becoming a major issue that lots of young people are facing as well. In general, a healthy adult loses 50 to 60 hairs a day, which is known as biological hair loss. However, if you are losing more than 100 hairs a day, then it is abnormal and you need to be careful.

Hair Loss Level
Level 1: Start to have hair loss issues but the hairline still looks normal.
Level 2: The hairline is receding and the forehead is slightly bigger than level 1.
Level 3: Receding hairline noticeable.
Level 4: Forehead hair loss is visible, sparse hair on the top of the head. Overall it still has some thinning hair.
Level 5: Forehead and the top of the head are almost bald, in the middle of the head top appearing the scalp.
Level 6: Forehead and the top of the head are visibly bald.
Level 7: Almost totally bald on the top and forehead, only left some hair on the back and sides of the head.

Why Hair Loss? And how?
Many reasons will cause hair loss, could be some health issues like alopecia (Congenital, Endocrine, etc). But this blog is going to show you 5 external causes of hair loss, which you will be able to prevent or change by yourself!

1. Neurological Hair Loss
Under massive mental pressure for a long period, over-fatigue and sleep insufficiency will speed up the hair loss issues. Mental pressure will cause metabolic abnormality, reduce the quality of hair living environment thereby causing hair loss. Secondly, if under great mental pressure for a long period, the arrector pili muscle of the human will be a contract. Your hair will become malnourished, which leads to the suppression of hair growth, your hair will enter the rest period and hair loss occurs.

It is normally a temporary hair loss issue. The best way to avoid this is to learn how to relax your mind and regulate emotions, do not always stay in a tense state. You can always relieve the tense state through exercise or take a long walk outside. And remember, you need to get enough sleep!

2. Nutritional Hair Loss
Hair is the external expression of the body condition, poor nutrition, and abnormal metabolism can cause the change of hair quality and hair color. Such as severe malnutrition, too much sugar or salt, lack of protein, vitamins, iron, zinc, etc. All of them can be the reasons for hair loss. Excessive diets can also lead to alopecia areata because of a lack of adequate nutritional supplies.

Do not over diet, and eat less high-calorie or stimulating foods. Eat protein in moderation, such as eggs, fish, and chicken. Eat more vegetables and fruits, keep your daily intake diversify. The most important, less alcohol and smoking!

3. Physical Hair Loss
This is a common type of hair loss. For instance, it can cause by exposure your hair to ULTRAVIOLET radiation; often dry your hair with a blow dryer; hair breakage due to rubbing the hair or tangle; habitually tie your hair up, especially if tied the ponytail for a long time, it will thinning the hair on the forehead.

Don’t tie your hair too tight, and just like skin, hair needs ‘suncream’ as well. Use some sunscreen products that especially for hair. Try to air-dry your hair, if have to use the blow dryer, use the cold wind. And use hair conditioners and hair masks to maintain your hair from tangles or frizzy.

4. Chemical Hair Loss
Perm, dye hair too often, use shampoo and conditioner that is too alkaline or of poor quality will cause hair loss issues. Moreover, people who use chemical medicine for long periods also lose their hair, such as Aspirin, Carbimazole, Contraceptives, etc.

Reduce the frequency of perms or dyes for your hair, and do not put too many chemical hair products on your hair (such as hair spray and hair gel). The use of medicine should be directed by a doctor, in case of substance abuse. And for the patient who needs to use the medicine, you need to pay as much attention to head hygiene as possible and eat more food that is helpful for hair growth.

5. Seasonal Hair Loss
Hair loss problem might also occur during season change, it’s mainly due to the changes in the weather and daily diet. Just like skin, our hair is sensitive as well. However, seasonal hair loss usually doesn’t last more than a month, it is a very normal metabolic phenomenon.

Seasonal hair loss does not need special treatment. All you need to do is to maintain good living habits, achieve balanced nutrition, and pay more attention to your daily hair care (such as hair essential oils, hair masks, and hair conditioners).

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