How to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural

How to Make a Hair Topper Look Natural

Get Rid of The Shine
Normally human hair toppers have a natural shine while some synthetic hairpieces can be too shiny. If a hair topper has an unnatural sheen to it, it will look fake and unrealistic.
For a quick fix, try to apply some dry shampoo or baby powder to get rid of the unreal shine.

To blend hair topper with natural hair, the first thing is laying a hair topper flat on one’s head. After placed the topper on one’s head properly, peek out some of the biological hair and blend in with her bio hair for a realistic and flat hairline if your client has front hair.

For people who do not have enough hair at the front, you can cut some baby hair on a hair topper to create a more natural hairline for them.
Baby hairs are very fine and wispy hairs located around the edges of one’s hairline. They can be long, short, or even curly, depending on one’s hair type and texture. Baby hair on a hair topper creates an illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline.

How to Cut Baby Hair on a Hair Topper?
Things you’ll need to create baby hair
Razor Comb or Thinning Shear
Rattail Comb
Water Spray
Heating tool

1. Place a hair topper on your client’s head properly.

2. Use a rattail comb to peak out some front hair from the hair topper.

3. Pull the section of hair forward gently and hold the razor comb/ thinning shear on the other hand. First, trim the hair to reach the tip of the nose to check the length, and then pull the section of hair forward and trim again to the desired length.

4. Spray some water on those baby hairs in order to style them by using a small brush or a toothbrush.

5. Brush the baby hair gently. You can also use edge control gel or a hair styling spray/cream to shape them.

Create a Realistic Parting Line
You can pluck the hair topper part by using a tweezer and make the part look more clear and natural. Then, dab some skin-toned concealer on your client’s part and hair topper’s part to create a seamless transition and the hair topper will be undetectable in one’s hair.

Add Dark Roots
A rooted hair topper gives dimension as well as the illusion of the hair growing right out of the scalp. If a client naturally has dark hair, a hair topper with dark roots will blend seamlessly. If a hair topper doesn’t come with dark roots but your client’s natural hair is a dark color, we highly recommend adding dark roots to this topper so it will blend in pretty well with your client’s bio hair. Please be careful do not to touch the scalp area (lace, mono, silk, skin, etc) when you dyeing the dark roots on a hair topper. Read Chapter 6 for more coloring advice.

Styling is an important and inevitable step that helps a hair topper look natural on one’s head. Add some soft curls or straighten the hair topper to match your client’s hair texture will make the hair topper integration seamless.

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