How to sew a halo-wire into a hair topper

How to sew a halo-wire into a hair topper

Hair toppers with an in-built halo-wire are becoming popular and are being welcomed by hair topper wearers all over the world. A halo-wire helps the front of a hair topper to lay flat, as well as keeping the hair topper comfortably secure on the head. Many hair toppers with a larger base size have a halo-wire already. Sometimes, the halo-wire will come off the hair topper, or you might want to add a halo-wire to your regular hair topper. To DIY a halo-wire into your hair topper, follow the steps below.

Things you will need:
– A pair of Scissors
– A sewing needle and thread
– A halo-wire
– Three silicon rings

The halo-wire will be sewed into the front area of the hair topper.
1. Firstly, place one silicon ring on one side of the hair topper.

2. Next, using your needle and thread, sew the silicon ring 3 or 4 times to secure it.

3. Now, put the second silicon ring on the other side and sew it in.

4. Make a big knot at the end of the halo-wire.

5. Thread the halo-wire through the needle hole.

6. Then, sew the halo-wire on one side by going through the silicon ring, looping it through the other silicon ring on the other side.

7. Now place the third silicon ring through the needle and through it again.

8. Take off the needle.

9. Make a knot at the end of halo-wire.

So, we hope this article helped you to sew a halo-wire into your hair topper! Remember if you make a mistake you can always try again!

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