A hair topper, also known as a hairpiece, wiglet or hair enhancer, is a crown hair extension which clips on top of your head to give the appearance of thicker hair. You may have heard of hair toppers from a friend or even online and are interested in trying one for yourself. However, you might be bewildered about how to find a hair topper that will suit you. There are in fact so many things to take into consideration when choosing a hair topper.

Hair toppers are the perfect solution for thinning hair and balding on certain areas of the head. Hair toppers provide extra volume and enhancements to your own hair. Toppers enable a natural and amazing transformation to give hair length, thickness, and volume in the form of soft and shiny hair. This article will guide you through the basic steps needed for choosing a hair topper that suits you.

• Your type of hair loss
To find the perfect hair topper, you must firstly determine the type of hair loss you have. Women can experience hair loss in different areas of the head, including at the crown, at the front, in the middle of the head (at the part), or throughout. To pinpoint where your hair loss is located and its size, we recommend measuring your hair loss area and using a mirror to determine where your hair loss is.

A hair topper is recommended to women experiencing hair loss at the crown or middle of the head where the hair parting is. For the beginning stages of hair loss, a smaller sized hair topper of four to five, or five to six inches is recommended. For medium stages of hair loss, a larger hair topper of six to seven, or seven to eight inches is recommended, depending on the size of hair loss.

If you are in the progressive stages of hair loss and your hair loss is throughout your head, do not believe the myth that a full wig is the only way that you can cover this. In fact, hair toppers with a very large base size are preferred by many women, and a better option for people who don’t want to wear a full wig. Going for a hair topper that is ten inches by ten inches or more will provide a lot of hair that will cover your entire head, granted you have enough hair on the sides of your head for the topper to clip into. Many people in the progressive stages of hair loss like to wear toppers that have an in-built halo wire, so that the topper can be worn without all the clips clipped in.
For hair loss at the temples or at the very front of the head only (where the hairline is), a clip-in fringe can be the perfect wearable hair solution. Clip-in fringes are easy to wear and when properly secured, serve its purpose the whole busy day and beyond to conceal thinning hair at the front.

• Choosing a synthetic or a human hair topper
Synthetic hair toppers offer you hair that has already been styled. You have the option of choosing the style you prefer, whether that be the curly, straight, or wavy look. The synthetic hair topper is loved by many because it does not lose its style, due to its synthetic style memory. The style it comes with remains and does not become frizzy or react to humid or rainy weather. Synthetic toppers also have vibrant color that doesn’t fade easily. However, a disadvantage of a synthetic topper is that unless it is specified as heat-friendly, it will not be able to take hot styling tools.

If you are considering a human hair topper, you will be pleased to know that they have all the key features of biological human hair. You can style it just like your own hair by using hot styling appliances. Human hair toppers look extremely realistic, and it might be difficult to tell the difference between your natural hair when you see your reflection in the mirror after styling it. On the other hand, just like your own hair, it can react to weather conditions. Also, human hair toppers are more expensive than synthetic hair toppers. You may want to check your purse before deciding which kind of hair topper to go for.

• Decide the hair length
There are several hair lengths available to choose from when choosing a hair topper. The choice is yours to make, but if you want your hair topper to look natural on you, it is recommended to go for a hair topper that is the same length as your own hair.

• Consider the hair color
It is important you choose a hair topper that matches or blends with your own hair. A person who is naturally grey and wearing a vibrant red topper will clearly signal to everybody that they are wearing a hair topper. For people to notice that you are wearing a hair topper is the last thing you want, so it is always recommended to go for a topper color that matches your own. Although it is true that it can be hard to precisely match your hair color to your topper, there are available options, including browsing our color chart, sending us your hair sample, and sending a photo of your hair to our customer service.

• Choose a base
There are three main bases of hair toppers, including silk, lace, and monofilament, as well as combinations of these. What determines the choice of the base is down to your own preference. The silk base is the most realistic topper base available on the market today. A hair topper with a silk base will generally be more expensive due to its realistic look and luxury craftsmanship.

A monofilament base is where the hair has been individually attached to a soft mesh known as monofilament. The monofilament base gives the appearance of natural hair growth from the scalp. The mono base is comfortable to the skin and very durable.
Lastly, lace bases provide the most natural topper hairline, and many toppers will be a combination base featuring a lace front because of this. The lace base has good air ventilation due to the breathable fabric, giving the wearer comfort. Lace bases are particularly popular during summer, due to their weightlessness. Consider how long you need to wear the hair topper and what you need to achieve before choosing the base.

• Ask for help
If you are still unsure of how to pick the perfect hairpiece for you, seek professional help. We are always available to give our professional assistance, simply email us at and we will be more than happy to help you!

Do not forget that the same hair topper cannot serve everyone. The topper that worked for your friend does not mean that the same hair topper would work for you. Choose a hair topper that will suit your type of hair loss, hair length, color, and comfort.

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