A hair topper, a story

A hair topper, a story

Amber is a mom of five kids. She has reviews UniWigs hair topper since two years ago. She suffered from hair loss and she knows what’s hair topper, how to find and how to wear a hair topper. We still remember the hair topper “Melanie” which she also reviewed, she loves wearing “Melanie”. Also, After wearing many times, she loves styling and curling her topper. We understand that people need a wavy hair topper that can save money, save time and use it regularly.

When the “Melanie Wavy” hair topper was lauched, Amber was very happy to review it.
Here’s what she said:

“I filmed a shorter, straight version a couple years ago, and it was equally pretty, with the same 8.5″x9″ base. The
Hair Color is different as well, and I really like this shade: T1B-246 Chocolate Brown. Both beautiful, both the same, but with some differences.

Looking back at all my videos, you can see various stages of me… from thin, to thick, to pregnancy, postpartum, etc. And that’s the way life rolls. And that’s just the exterior. We all know there’s much more to each of us below the surface. We change, we rise, we fall, and we get up and go again.

This hair is great, it’s beautiful… and so is the head underneath it. This is what I’m learning, this is what I’m trying to embrace, this is the example I want to teach to my children… that I am fine, while also not settling either. Always a work on progress, always another day to tackle those goals, always another phase and opportunity for well being,, health, progress, and growth . Maybe not hair growth.”

Why people love Melanie hair topper? Except it has large base size: 8.5”x9”, it has enough hair volume to cover your hair loss area. You don’t have to think over your hair match in hair color, hair length. Unless, you are the new hair topper users and you are not ready to wear a hair topper. If you haven’t try a hair topper before, you won’t know the experience about wearing a hair topper, how it looks like and how come there’s a lof of people still wearing hair toppers even though it’s not so natural. Give yourself a chance to get a new way with new look.

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