How To Style Your Hair Topper At Home?

How To Style Your Hair Topper At Home?

Blending your hair topper with your bio hair is always important to ensure a natural looking. And the professional styling tools are absolutely recommended to make the hair undetectable. However, it’s not that easy for most of people, especially when they style the topper at home. Today this blog will guide you some tips & tricks for how to style the topper naturally at home step by step!

#1. Prepare your own bio hair.
Brush your hair and part it as you usually part.

#2. Cut the front lace (If you ordered a lace front topper).
Hair toppers with lace front means there is a pieces of lace allocating in the front of the topper. The lace is the secret weapon to a flawless undetectable hairline. When worn properly the end result is an undetectable hairline giving the illusion that the hair is actually growing out of your own head.

Here is a video for you:

#3. Open the clips on your topper.
Make sure the clips are open before you put it on your head.

#4. Put it on your head and make a part.
Aline your hair topper/ piece on top of your head. And the location is similar to where you place it on your own hairline and part line. However, if you have the receding hairline or thinning hairline, we will suggest you to order the lace front topper and glue it down to create a natural hairline.

Here is a tutorial for how to make a natural part on a hair topper:
1. Part the topper where you part your bio hair;
2. Spray some water or styling spray and gently brush the hair on the two sides, along the part line;
3. Use the curling iron or blow dryer. You could use the curling iron to flat down the part line or blow dry it and give it some heat to make the hair flat down;

#5. Dap some foundation on the part;
This will really help to cover the hand-tied knots on the lace or monofilament part. Make sure you will use the same foundation shade with your face.

#6. Fill in the thinning part with some eye shadow.
If you leave out your own front hair outside the topper, there might be some small bald parts or thinning part. In order to achieve the natural blending and transition, you could use a makeup brush and dap some eye shadow which is in the similar color with the hair.

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