How to create a “Halo wire” on your hair topper?

How to create a “Halo wire” on your hair topper?

Adding Halo wire on hair toppers has been a popular way recently . But most of time, there is no wire for your hair toppers, how to add one then ?

Please check a customer review of UniWigs Stella Topper below to see how does she do it:

Hi! This is my second Hair Piece from Uniwigs, a “16 inch Stella Silk Top Remy Human Hair Topper”. Thank you Uniwigs for Excellent Service and the topper arrived quickly and discreetly! I wanted to try this topper because it does not have a lace to cut. The Stella is so easy to fit. It’s has nice strong hair, and is very well made!. Natural looking part, simply beautiful and perfect!

Up to a few months ago, I had a full head of long hair. Now I have much loss in the front and crown and some throughout due to health issues. I do not know where this journey will take me. But I am thankful for good, affordable hair help, while I cross my fingers. Loss up front and in the crown, means I do not have hair to blend in the front with the topper, like many suggest. The front edge of the topper must fit, lay flat and match the contour of my forehead all on its own. Also, I do not have hair that is strong enough to attach the topper with pressure clips on the front sides and on the crown. But, so far my hair on the sides and in the back, is still there and long. I use its “weight” to hold the topper in place, as I’ll tell below.

So, I have done with my Stella topper, the same thing I did with my “Megan” hair topper”, which has been my life saver so far, its beautiful, and looks perfect everyday!

Halo wire
Halo wire

First , I colored the topper from its original G4 Dark Coffee Brown, to a color closer to my own. Then, I removed the front and back pressure clips. To hold the topper itself in place on my head, I sewed on thin elastic thread headband on the front part of the topper, and the same on the back part of the topper. To put on the topper, I part some bio-hair towards my face, and I tie the rest in a bun. I place the topper on my forehead, following my “normal” hairline, and slide the elastic headbands under the bun. Then, I let the bun loose and spread the bio-hair to help hold the topper in place. The Stella hair topper is thick and together with the length helps conceal my homemade elastic headband attachment system.

In addition, I also use a nice headbands to further hold the topper in place, if it is windy outside. It gives me extra confidence, and headbands are “in”!

I recommend Uniwigs, and the Stella hair topper is easy to wear and it is beautiful. Best of all it fits naturally on my forehead, without “blending” with bio-hair!

If you are fear to add the wire yourself , you can still purchase those toppers with wire like their Megan topper or Kimberly topper . Besides , you can also contact their customer service to add one freely since they do have this service provided.

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