How I Hide Thin Hair With UniWigs Bella Topper -reviewed by sarah

How I Hide Thin Hair With UniWigs Bella Topper -reviewed by sarah

I have dated 5 guys this year and have told ALL of them about my hair situation and prepared them for seeing block heads with wigs all over my place.

This most recent guy was the absolute sweetest and thought my hair changing ways were pretty dang cool.

As awesome as that is, moving forward just didn’t feel right and it’s back to the drawing board ladies!

I’ve mentioned this before but I haven’t always vocalized how I feel in relationships/dating due to past abuse.

This year I’ve been able to recognize and communicate my needs/wants and it’s been a blessing to express those freely.

Sometimes those feelings will result in an end to dating but every guy from this year has remained a friend.

I’ve been dating someone recently and am going to officially tell him tonight about my hair situation!

I’ve worn about 5 different pieces around him so I’m sure he gets the gist . This is Uniwigs Bella hair topper in Almond Frost. It doesn’t normally come with bangs and I cut a couple of them in there since my mom wears this too!

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