My Hair Loss Story with the UniWigs Hair Topper

My Hair Loss Story with the UniWigs Hair Topper

My name is Kristin. I would like to share my hair loss journey with you all. I started loosing hair in my early 20s. At first, it was just a little thinning at the front, middle. I cut bangs and wore a side part and that mostly hid it. Over the years, my hair starting thinning all over and my texture changed from straight-wavy to wavy-curly (and frizzy).

I cut my hair very short to hide the thinning, but I missed having long hair.

When I was in my late 20s, I had an IUD put in. The hormones made my hair fall out by the fistful. Because of some other health issues I was having at the time, I wasn’t able to pinpoint the source of the accelerated hair loss for two years. I finally had the IUD taken out, but my hair didn’t stop falling out. It was so thin that I could see large parts of my scalp.

I tried wearing wigs, but I couldn’t find any that were comfortable and that I thought looked good. To me, they all looked ‘wiggy’. In my search for a good wig, I came across Uniwigs and saw their hair toppers. As soon as I saw them, I knew that was what I was looking for!

I bought my first hair topper about a year ago and my second one about 6 months later. Both have been fantastic for my self confidence.

uniwigs review
uniwigs review

Here’s a picture of me in my Claire Silk Top in medium brown (G4). She’s been cut and styled to my own hair. When I took her to my stylist, he was impressed by the quality of the topper and how well she matches to my own hair without needing coloring.

I love the lace front, which gives me a natural looking hairline (I’m completely bald in the front now) and that she blends into my own hair. I’ve had my eye on the Megan for a while and been saving up for her, so here’s hoping.

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