Hair toppers for women, also commonly known as “wiglets”, “mini wigs” or “helper hair” is the popular new clip-in method to give the top or crown of the head coverage and volume to women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Many online brands offer these hair toppers, and it can be tricky to choose where to shop. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each, plus my opinions of women’s topper online brands.

Jon Renau Toppers
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1. Jon Renau Toppers

Jon Renau is a popular wig and topper brand; and a family-owned business. One of the best things about Jon Renau is that they have physical stores and have now collaborated with Salons across the USA that now enable customers to take their toppers to their local salon. These salons have hair stylists that have certified Jon Renau wig and topper professional training. This means that you can easily get it trimmed and styled by hair stylists, so you know your topper is in safe hands. This is also great for women who may be nervous to take their topper to a public salon to get their topper cut, but with these Jon Renau trained salons, they are used to cutting toppers and will respect every client need for privacy. It is a wonderful way to have women get their toppers styled in the salon.

Jon Renau is sold on many websites such as the well-known, so they are readily accessible from many different outlets. However, they cannot be bought from their own Jon Renau website, that is more of a showcasing website. The images of the Jon Renau toppers are all flawlessly presented in a sophisticated way on models, and I like the many different styles of toppers they have.

I thought the Jon Renau website is clear, as on their website under the Topper header, you can choose which category of hair loss to buy from, starting from Beginning stage, Mid/Progressive stage and then advanced stage. It is just a shame you can’t order from that particular website.

Jon Renau gets great reviews. They also have a star system on their website and They have many customers and beauty professionals to review their hair toppers online and on YouTube. has also posted many Jon Renau videos on YouTube.

I am not sure if Jon Renau does a customizable topper option, I have heard they do but they don’t advertise it. If they did advertise it I would definitely look into this option more.

One disadvantage of Jon Renau is that the price is a little more expensive. Especially the human and remy human hair toppers in a longer length. But then again it is a premium brand.

Overall Jon Renau has many benefits with the salons and physical stores, the premium brand quality, the YouTube videos, the photo quality of products and the only disadvantages I can think of is the price, and perhaps they could also offer more textured hair.

Louis Ferre Toppiece
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2. Louis Ferre Toppiece

Louis Ferre is a premium brand selling toppers and wigs. They are sold through mainly other larger websites. Louis Ferre has both synthetic and human hair toppers but has more human hair topper variety. They also have a salon selection on their website so presumably you can take your topper to one of these salons to get trimmed or enquire with the salon if they have any Louis Ferre toppers to try and see.

Louis Ferre showcases its products on its website, but you cannot buy on their website, you must buy through other larger websites. I’m starting to spot this as a trend now in topper brands. They also have YouTube videos through’s YouTube channel, plus customer reviews. Also one thing to mention is that when I tried to search Louis Ferre on Instagram I couldn’t find them.

Louis Ferre also has a huge color variety of 27 colors for the toppers as well. Louis Ferre toppers are known for their quality and innovation in the hair industry, and consequently their prices for these human hair toppers are on the expensive side.

A disadvantage of Louis Ferre in my opinion is that there was not a huge variety of human hair toppers on the website, and one thing I noted is that there were no different textures of hair, they were all straight toppers. So, gals with curly hair could curl the topper or look elsewhere for a better match.

Louis Ferre has pros of being a premium brand with innovations in the hair industry and beautiful designs, as well as many color options, and their physical salon selection feature. Cons include the texture options, and the price.

UniWigs Hair Toppers
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3. UniWigs Hair Toppers

UniWigs are an online brand that offer affordable human hair toppers and wigs. UniWigs have star-rated customer reviewed products on their website so you can see the most and least popular toppers, which I found helpful. I noticed they also have many topper video reviews on YouTube and are very active on social media channels, so you can keep updated.

After looking I saw UniWigs has a huge collection of toppers in over 51 styles. They have different textures, lengths, base sizes and an impressive collection of over 30 different colors on offer.

As well as their variety I noticed one of the best advantages UniWigs has is the price. The prices are lower than other stores, even for the human hair large base toppers. They also seem to have some kind of sale or promotion on all the time, so you can get a good deal and the quality seems to be high from the customer reviews I have seen.

One disadvantage to UniWigs is that as they have so many topper varieties, they don’t have models for all of the toppers, and many of them are only seen on mannequin heads. This made it harder to see how the topper would look on a person.

Another thing is that UniWigs don’t have physical stores or featuring in salons yet and they are still looking into these developments. It would be really good if they had these options.

However, what I love about UniWigs is that they always seem to introduce new features on their toppers. Look no further than their best-selling Claire collection, where each Claire has been upgraded with new features such as the wire feature.

UniWigs also offer a customization service if you can’t find what you’re looking for in a topper, which I thought was great as not many topper brands offer this service. Of course, the downside is this will cost you a little extra, but it is worth it.

All in all, UniWigs has many benefits. Their huge variety of toppers and colors, their customization service, their new features, their customer reviewed products, and of course the price makes it a top choice for me. The only downsides are that they don’t have physical stores, and some of their toppers only have pictures on the mannequins. I think UniWigs is definitely worth your time.

Lauren Ashtyn Full Volume Extensions

4. Lauren Ashtyn Full Volume Extensions

The Lauren Ashtyn collection is a unique hair topper collection. Lauren Ashtyn is a growing company that showcases a variety of stylish hair toppers that they prefer to call “Volume Extensions”. They sell these hair toppers and they have many videos and photos of them being applied and removed, which I liked.

Lauren Ashtyn offer 100% European Remy Human Hair Pieces, which is a high valued human hair on the hair market that many other companies are trying to obtain more of.

Lauren Ashtyn are one of the few companies to offer fully customizable toppers, for a bit extra. And they advertise this on their website. The website is really great, and I liked it because they have an easy step by step process where you can choose the type of extension fullness you are looking for, then the color, and then the size. There could be a few more website features, but I think it is clear and good for now. They also have a feature on their website which says you can have a free online consultation which would be super helpful to beginners.

Lauren Ashtyn also have partnered with many US salons to carry their products for customers to try or see in the salons. They also have a salon event at Spartanburg, SC, where customers can get their topper cut, nourished, colored and styled. These new developments are very helpful to customers who want their hair piece to be styled by a topper professional who will offer privacy and care to professionally cut the toppers. Lauren Ashtyn also have a tour across the US where customers can book an appointment to get their Lauren Ashtyn hair topper cut and styled.

Another advantage of Lauren Ashtyn is that they say they make all of their volume extensions by hand, which will help with realistic hair movement and blending.

I do think their prices were on the expensive side for their human hair toppers, but they offer convenient payment instalment options, so it is not too expensive all in one go. Also, another con is there doesn’t seem to be any customer review system or star system on their products.

In summary the Lauren Ashtyn collection is a unique brand that offers customizable toppers, has a strong social media presence, easy website, European hair options, and they have partnered with US salons. However, the price is high but they have the payment options. Also they could offer more different styles of the hair toppers on display on their websit.

Belle Tress Toppers
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5. Belle Tress Toppers

Belle Tress is a chic topper brand, who believes life is too short to have boring hair. You can purchase their toppers through directly, or through other outlets and websites such as Belle Tress is a unique brand that sells toppers inspired by “café culture”, to embody the calm and effortlessly beautiful coffee store vibes into their wigs and toppers. Aside from the café culture, the toppers are appealing with natural looking synthetic toppers in different colors and are flawlessly presented.

One thing I noticed about Belle Tress was that the different color options for the topper can’t be seen on the model or mannequin head, only a photo sample of the hair color shade.

There was several customer or beauty reviews on YouTube reviewing Belle Tress and the toppers looked great in motion, and they got great feedback.

Ellen Wille Top Pieces
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6. Ellen Wille Top Pieces

Ellen Wille is another popular topper brand. It’sstarted more than 50 years ago. Ellen Wille has its own website, but the toppers are bought through other larger websites. It is especially popular in Europe as a wig and topper brand as that is where it originated from. One key advantage of Ellen Wille is that it has an offline presence by having several physical stores around Europe as well in the USA. This is wonderful for ladies looking to try on the hair topper before they buy, or just to learn more. Check the Ellen Wille website to see if they have a store in your area, as the stores are few and far between.

Ellen Wille specialises more in wigs, so they only have a small variety of toppers but with a great reputation for the high quality of the hair products. I love their professional photos and timeless designs that their website carries.

So, I hope I helped you in covered some key information and my personal opinions of a few topper online brands.

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